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Trail Running Holidays in Saint Paul La Roche, Dordogne, France

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - St Paul La Roche

St Paul La Roche

Todays run in and around the local countryside.

Our trail run today includes local trails and small lanes and incorporates the little village of Saint Paul La Roche

This tiny village has a historic Knights Templar house as well as a geocite where many years ago a massive meteorite hit this area. Traces of the meteorite rock can still be found today.

Todays run will pass the local chateau, ancient woodland, quaint hamlets, tiny paths, small roads, local church and farms

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - St Paul La Roche

St Paul La Roche

Todays run is around local trails, a choice of great tracks straight from the doorstep.

Finishing the week with a gentle run up to the village, including some nice little local trails and tiny lanes..

With such quiet almost traffic free lanes it hardly seems necessary to see a 30kmph road sign and traffic calming in such a rural area !

Run along local trails, past the historic Knights Templar house, geocite, streams, farms and chateaux.....

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - The local chateau

The local chateau

This beautiful little chateau sits on the opposite hillside

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Knights Templar House

Knights Templar House

The historic Knights templar house has a wooden staircase strong enough for a horse to climb up !

St Paul La Roche - 10-12km

A nice gentle run to finish off the weeks trail running holiday.

Setting off from our accommodation we will make our way up to the village at Saint Paul La Roche.

A steady hill up to the village where you will pass the local church, the Knights Templar house mentioned in the Doomsday book ! Then past the geocite where centuries ago a meteorite crashed into the earth. The massive lump of quartz that landed has pretty much all gone, the last lump being taken by NASA !! A few lumps of white quartz can still be seen in the area, and a few local trails feature lumps of crushed up meteorite.

Lunch will be taken back at base today and you will have time to chill and relax before you head out for your local evening meal. A great Perigordian treat at a local restaurant tonight.

You are a super fast runner that wants to run alone ? - Not a problem you can also run these trails using my gps

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Ancient chemins

Ancient chemins made accessible

Heading off down the valley....

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Remnants of the meteorite

Remnants of the meteorite still remain in the village

Infront of the Marie a large lump of quartz

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