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Trail Running Holidays in Saint Paul La Roche, Dordogne, France

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome


Trail running around the beautiful countryside surrounding Brantome.
Brantome known as the Venice of the Perigord is a popular tourist destination. We will get to see parts that other tourists dont get to see.
As we head off into the surrounding countryside along single track paths, through woodland, passing moulins, restored and tumbling down, pass caves carved into the rock.....a stunning run today

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome


You will also have time to explore this historic town after our mornings run around the peaceful surrounding countryside. A very popular town to visit, so called the Venice of the Perigord as the river Dronne completely encircles it. Its famous for its Abbey and has the most photogenic moulin with its working water wheel !
There are caves carved into the massive limestone cliffs, this town makes for a fantastic start and finish to todays run.

Brantome - the Venice of the Perigord, we get to run the trails around the surrounding countryside

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome

Brantome - Pigeonniers

These two magnificent pigeonniers stand just beside the river Dronne.

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome

Beautiful riverside properties

We pass moulins and lovely stone properties on our run today.

Brantome - The Venice of the Perigord 10-12km - afternoon free

A slightly easier mid week run today with a pleasant 10km run in the morning and then time to relax and enjoy the beautiful town of Brantome, or just chill beside the river. For those wishing to run a little more then I have another 10km option for you should you wish. This afternoon is normally considered a rest period mid week.

So we start todays run just beside the river Dronne as we run across over the little foot bridge and run around the beautiful back streets before heading out into the countryside, heading up the limestone plateau for views across to where we are heading. Nice shady trails through the woodland before we head across farmland, pass over the old bridge in the photo where we can see another old moulin.

We then head up another limestone plateau with caves carved out of the rock. Passing along old trails still used by farmers today and arrive on the plateau up above Brantome before we descend down the tiny back streets into the heart of the town

Brantome is one of my favourite days, no matter how many times I visit I never get tired of this beautiful little place

Todays lunch will be taken in one of the local restaurants, sat overlooking the river. A perfect lunch spot after a pleasant mornings run. Lunch today is at your expense, there are plenty of restaurants to chose from. A three course lunch can be taken for as little as 18 euros, all good local cuisine, thoroughly recommended.

This afternoon is normally a rest period, for you to enjoy the town, chill by the river and return to Lavaud for a swim.

*All of the afternoon runs are optional, a decision can be made after lunch as to whether you wish to do the run or opt out. This trail running holiday is all about enjoying the experience, nothing is a race.

You are a super fast runner that wants to run alone ? - Not a problem you can also run these trails using my gps

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome

Old Bridge

From this bridge we can see the ancient moulin and barrage on the river Dronne

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Brantome

Restaurant on the river bank

One of several restaurants along the river bank in Brantome.

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