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Trail Running Holidays in Saint Paul La Roche, Dordogne, France

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Excideuil


The market town of Excideuil is where we start our run from this morning.

The impressive chateau, which is privately owned, has commanding views across the countryside towards the enchanted rocks.

A walk around part of the ramparts is possible so as to see the views and where we will be heading on our run today.

Todays run will along shady woodland trails and small little tracks.

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Excideuil


A chance to have a look around this French market that is on this morning before we head off for our trail run.

Running along beside the local river, passed huge rocky outcrops, several water sources, a network of caves, stone bories..... plenty to see on todays run.

Excideuil market town with its commanding chateau and a run to see the Enchanted Rocks

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Excideuil


Heading to the Enchanted rocks.

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Excideuil

Stepping up

Steps leading up the the old railway viaduct.

Excideuil - 10-15km run

Excideuil with its imposing chateau with commanding views across the countryside. A great place to start todays run. First the weekly market means there is the chance to have a look around a typical French market and maybe grab a coffee in the local coffee shop before we take a light early lunch before heading off on our run.

A nice relaxed run around the trails that lead up to the enchanted rocks. Running along beside the river and heading up to the rocks and their caves. For the brave you can poke your head in and see how far you would like to go up this narrow cave ! Totally dark and home to small resident bats and cave spiders, its not for the faint hearted !!

In prehistoric times these rocks and caves were homes to bears, but sadly there are none to be found any more. A beautiful water source pours out of this massive plateau of limestone, it always runs even in the peak of summer.

Our run takes us along the shady woodland trails, up past tiny hamlets, passed quaint little stone bories, along the old railway line and passed the entrance to another very little known cave for serious pot holers, this underground cave system goes for over 4km.

Depending on how everyone is feeling today we may also extend our run to include another local village at the end of the voie verte, a gradual climb up to the top through woodland which then gives a commanding view across the valley the other side and the orientation plaque points out how far it is to places like the caves at Lascaux.

An enjoyable run today around some great little trails.

Maybe a slightly earlier finish today could well mean a dip in the river to cool those legs that have worked so hard.

You are a super fast runner that wants to run alone ? - Not a problem you can also run these trails using my gps

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - The Rocks

The Rocks

The Enchanted Rocks leading to the water source and the limestone caves.

Trail Running Holidays in Dordogne, France - Old voie verte

Old voie verte

Over and then under the old railway bridge.

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